swiftia partners of netcall liberty

Liberty: for life’s natural-born innovators

Welcome to a world of meaningful process automation and authentic experiences — crafted by you, valued by colleagues and loved by customers.

Liberty stands as a business automation and communication platform, fuelling streamlined workflow, task automation, and exceptional experiences. Its proven and user-friendly tools cater to both non-technical and technical teams, facilitating rapid transformation for organisations. Break away from inflexible vendor roadmaps, high development costs and extended timelines. Innovate in alignment with your objectives, starting now.

Swift-IA are specialists and certified consultants for the Liberty Create, AI and RPA components from Netcall UK Limited (www.netcall.com)

liberty create – creating great digital experiences faster

Develop applications swiftly. Collaborate and generate apps that seamlessly meet your requirements and can be effortlessly adjusted.

Boost development capacity. Sidestep the constant need to hire additional developers or burden your IT team. Unleash the talent already present within your business.

Integrate and connect seamlessly. Eliminate data silos and barriers between systems that hold back progress. With Liberty Create, simplifying integration is the key.

Craft outstanding digital experiences. Empower customers and employees with novel digital services tailored to their needs, to reach their goals more efficiently.

liberty RPA – smart automation

Innovate cost-effectively with Netcall’s RPA tools designed for immediate team utilisation. Identify issues swiftly and implement solutions promptly.

 As a transformational guide, Liberty RPA allows your team to prioritise value-added tasks, automating routine business processes.

 Achieve rapid time-to-value, delivering RPA solutions swiftly to reap business rewards.

 Experience seamless and flexible integration, as software robots engage with your existing systems at the ‘user’ layer, ensuring no disruption to your IT infrastructure.

liberty AI – accessible and user-friendly

The Liberty platform integrates business-ready AI, providing accessible and user-friendly capabilities to speed up workflows and enhance engagement.

Liberty AI accommodates various model types, enabling the creation of prediction models based on existing data. These models can predict outcomes, analyze sentiment in text conversations, and contribute to key business objectives such as top-line growth, cost efficiency, operational effectiveness, and satisfaction among customers and employees.

For instance, predicting the likelihood of attendance at an appointment or facilitating a booking can potentially reduce missed appointments.

Use Liberty Create, RPA and AI together and you’ll have the power to revolutionise digital journeys and yield substantial operational efficiencies.