Why are organisations still using solutions in isolation, and what are they missing out on?

There are several reasons why an organisation may be using advanced technologies in isolation. In the past, the barriers to digitalisation were extremely high, requiring costly investments and extensive expertise. But the rapid advancements in...

Netcall certified on first NHS Shared Business Services framework for intelligent automation

Netcall is excited to appear on a pioneering NHS framework for pre-approved suppliers of public sector services. Taking its place on a vendor list for Intelligent Automation, public sector buyers can purchase Netcall services with confidence. The...

bringing world class intelligent automation software to new zealand

the swiftia approach to service

employing a customer-centric approach to intelligent automation

Swift-IA specialises in intelligent automation, offering a solution to streamline transformative change within your organisation. Our approach involves revitalising your business through flexible, intelligent process automation and customer engagement tools, all without the high costs associated with traditional ERP vendors and expensive consultants.

We empower you to enhance digital customer-facing services swiftly using low-code tools, Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation. These tools are customisable by you, ensuring that valuable knowledge stays in-house. Your staff will appreciate more efficient work tools, and your customers will love the improved experiences and service enhancements.

At the core of these remarkable solutions is Netcall’s Liberty platform. This platform provides user-friendly workflow processes and customer engagement tools, enabling you to transform business efficiency. By leveraging this platform, you’ll fuel innovative ideas that your team can implement today, driving breakthroughs in your organisation.

enriching your customer experience and improving your business’ processes