Netcall is excited to appear on a pioneering NHS framework for pre-approved suppliers of public sector services. Taking its place on a vendor list for Intelligent Automation, public sector buyers can purchase Netcall services with confidence.

The £250 million framework signposts NHS organisations to leading providers of intelligent automation solutions — streamlining implementation and procurement processes.

Netcall’s Liberty platform is an off-the-shelf, end-to-end digital solution that includes AI-powered low-code process automation, Patient Hub and robotic process automation to support efficient healthcare provision across the UK.

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“Netcall is thrilled to bear the NHS hallmark of quality service provision. Our goal is to enable NHS Trusts and Boards to accelerate digital initiatives and improve patient engagement. This new framework reinforces our position as a trusted partner with a proven track record for delivery.”

John Clarke, Head of Client Solutions for Health


This new framework will enable the adoption, implementation and on-going development of IA within the health system, including in care settings.”

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Our goal is to give the NHS a choice of leading Intelligent Automation (IA) solutions to best support healthcare providers wherever they are on their journey towards realising the value of automation.”

Adam Nickerson, NHS SBS senior category manager of digital and IT

The value of intelligent automation for healthcare

Care in the NHS is often slowed by administrative backlogs, many of which were worsened post-pandemic. According to Nickerson, a report by GlobalData found a third of community-based clinician time was spent on admin, while more than half of doctors spent at least an hour a day on work that could be carried out by non-clinical staff.

Netcall’s Liberty Platform gives clients business ready AI models that can be quickly and simply deployed in workflows to drive efficiency and improved patient experience. By automating specific NHS administrative tasks, capacity in the healthcare system will be increased to release clinical staff to focus on patient care.