the swiftia approach

Enabling business’ be as self-sufficient as they require utilising Swift-IA as mentors and support partners.

This may mean more involvement from us to start gradually becoming less and less as the customer becomes more comfortable in managing future projects using the Liberty platform.

the swiftia approach to service

Listen – paying attention to what the challenges and opportunities the customer is trying to solve

Confim understanding – replaying back to ensure that there is agreement on the focus of the problem and the starting point

Analyse – perform deeper requirements analysis with the customer to extract the functional and non-functional details of a potential solution

Evaluate options – there always is more than one solution, discuss and evaluate the options with the customer

Prove the approach – a short proof of concept exercise to ensure we are all on the right track and have greater levels of confidence in the people, process and technology required to deliver.

Iterative Build & Test – using an iterative development approach to quickly get to value and involve the stakeholders in the process that will allow flexibility and control.

Training and Deployment – enabling the requisite skills transfer and  delivery with a support model that meets the customer need.

Continuous Improvement – solutions need to be regularly reviewed and audited to ensure they are meeting the needs of the users with a view to positive changes if required.